HOLLAND PASTURE DOOR – Passage to Fairy Meadow

Holland Pasture Door – Passage to Fairy Meadow… a tunnel to a beautiful, magical world.

Ady is a ten-year-old girl who lives with her parents and twin, six-year-old brothers on a small farm in Oregon. They have cows, goats, chickens, cats and a dog named Lois. One day they stumble onto a hidden tunnel behind a bush in the pasture behind the barn. Where does it go?

Follow along on their journeys, while Ady, Colter and Case crawl through their secret passage to explore magical Fairy Meadow where they discover talking animals, the power to fly, beautiful fairies and more hidden passages. Oh yes… and a very old rabbit named Tilda.

Grandpa George’s Story

Holland Pasture Door is my gift for my beloved grand kids; Ady, Colter and Case. They are special people and deserve special stories that offer imagination, fun and adventure to encourage their minds to wander. Remember, you three, not all who wander are lost.

In 2020, I was reading stories for the three of them on video chats during the pandemic. But the tales I found weren’t often exciting enough to hold their interest, so I decided to write my own fantasy adventure about my three kids finding a hidden passage to the magical world of Fairy Meadow in the field behind their barn. The kids loved the story, so I continued writing of their frequent journeys through the pasture door to share together with each visit.

The result is a group of short adventure stories about kids, written especially for a grandparent to share with their special young ones.

The author, George D. Allen, “Grandpa George,” still resides in Oregon where he enjoys his grand children.

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This printing fulfills my hopes of leaving a small, fun memory for my grand kids that they can hold in their hands and share with others. The thought of Ady, Colter and Case reading this book to their children, and their grand children, brings a tear to my eye.